Private Label

The Private Label Process 

These questions allow us to better understand our client’s direction and needs so that we can provide them with the best experience possible.


How custom do you want to go?

Our quick solution normally comes from our stock and can be shipped in 3 to 13 days. Our cool solution is made-to-order and are ready within 14 to 45 days


What is the Quantity Needed?

We offer five options: 72 pieces, 144 pieces, 288 pieces, 576 pieces and 1200+ pieces. Our base price includes 144 pieces.


What is your target Price per piece? 

At Promo Rocket we can help you find the best target price point option. From $11.99 all the way to $25.99, in two dollar increments. We just need to know if your project is promotional or for resale.

Choose Your Canvas

We offer a wide selection of apparel from T-Shirts to Hoodies and even 100% custom cut and sew projects. 


Raglan Baseball Tee

Hoodies & Jackets

Embelishment Addons

Our various Embelishment Addons allow you to have variety in your custom apparel without changing your logo.

Leather Print

Glow In The Dark

Wet Gel

3D Matte Print

Inside Out Print

Soft Hand Metallic

Over The Zipper Print

Applique Print

Lenticular Print

Print Over Seams

Jumbo Print

Elasti Print

Vintage Flock Print

Foil Print

Kaleidoscope Print

Sequin Print

Reflective Print

Diamond Plate Print

Glitter Print

Mono Gloss Print

Matching Pocket Print

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 The best
Fitting and Softest T-Shirt You Can Imagine!

Butter Washing is unique softening process developed for basic fabrics to make an inexpensive garment feel equally soft, if not softer, than the quality of a tri-blend. While you see the most improvement in softness on ring-spun fabrics, you can Butter Wash just about any fabric to enhance it’s softness. Even graphic prints and embellishments can be Butter Washed. One touch of a Butter Washed garment, and you won’t want anything else.

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